Full Year Assessment Tools

Man holding iPad with Core Growth App openThe Full Year Inventory (FYI) is designed to offer TK-Grade 6 teachers the opportunity to assess their students over the course of the school year utilizing a computer or tablet. The data collected through these assessments is integrated into a progress report card three times per year.


Some features of the FYI include:

  • Assessments based on the California State Standards and, for TK, the Preschool Learning Foundations
  • A clipboard feature to gather information on multiple students at one time, such as a small group activity
  • Detailed class and school wide reports allowing differentiated instruction grouping possibilities
  • Student transfer options so that data follows a student from grade to grade and even school to school
  • Flashcards of upper and lower case letters, with a customized letter to parents from the teacher
  • Progress reports with a focus on student growth and mastery by the end of the year